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WS500 how to set Alternator poles and RPM

I have not had much luck determining alternator poles and ratios to get the correct RPM calculation from my WS500 while in the field so I found a simple way that works for me.

I set the number of poles to the default 12 poles and a pulley ratio of 1.0 then  bring your engine up to 2,000 RPM and record the ws500 output.  Now divide them and plug that value in the ratio field.

If anyone has a better idea feel free to contribute.

Thanks Rick

This is exactly what I was looking for.

I take it the software displays the alternator speed and the engine speed?? or is it only the engine speed??

Thanks for your help

BW Michael


Both engine and alternator speeds and parameters are displayed on the config tool Dashboard.  Here are couple of snippets for reference.


Uploaded files:
  • WS500-ConfigTool-Dashboard-alt.png
  • WS500-ConfigTool-Dashboard.png

Thanks Rick

With this information I am sure we can get it to work.



Hi Rick

Do you have any screen shots of the page where the ratios and the alternator poles are entered????

bw Michael

here you go

Uploaded files:
  • WS500-alt-tach-parameters.PNG

Thanks Rick

Will have a go at this today

BW Michael