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WS500 Configuration Tool 1.2.2 with firmware2.4.1 support now released

A new release of the WS500 configuration tool is now available. If you have a working installation you can order the free download here.


If you had problems installing it please contact us at tech@offgridsoftwaresolutions.com and we will re-issue you a full replacement copy at no charge.

Update Notes:    April 19, 2021 Version 1.2.2

- fixed support for firmware update check
- improved editor download process
- improved editor upload process
- added Import Default profile feature
- included internal defaults as importable files that can be used as a basis for creating your own custom profile
- added support for rev 2.4.1 WS500 firmware
- fixed random crash on upload data from WS500

- no longer tested on Windows 7
- no longer tested on VSR regulators
- now it automatically registers your app
- now limited to config and Pro versions only