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WS500 bench test

I am trying to power on my WS500 to check firmware version, upgrade, and configure via my android.


I have bound the Ignition Wire (Brown) and Alternator Positive (Red) to +12v

Alternator Negative (Black) is bound to ground.  Verified voltage with my multimeter is present and not reversed.

Plugging in the WS500, no lights come on and my android does not identify any devices.


What have I done wrong? I am unable to identify any wires that would require a connection after reading the quick start sheet and the WS500 manual.



I found this video from wakespeed where they show only plugging in the USB cable.  This worked for me!


Yes, the USB will power up the WS500 but it will go into alarm after 30 seconds on a low voltage condition.  If you have our WS500 config tool, it should notice this and ask if you want to put the WS500 in "Config" mode, which will inhibit these resets.  It can also be set using the command in the System menu.  When in Config mode the LED will go solid green

And to test powered up, you need to have your battery + and - connected as well


And to test powered up, you need to have your battery + and - connected as well


Just to make sure I understand this, the Alt +/- AND the battery (sense?) +/- need to both be wired up for the regulator to power on? I have just installed the regulator with a Balmar XT-250-DF (case ground), connecting:

From the Panel harness:

(1) Ignition [brown] to switched 12v

From the Alternator Harness:

(4) Alternator Temperature Sensor [green] to Alternator case

(5) Alternator Negative [black] to Alternator case

(6) Alternator Positive [red] to Alternator Positive terminal

(7) Field [blue] to Alternator field wire

(8) Stator (AC Tap) [yellow] to Alternator Stator output (white)

From Battery Harness:

Nothing, fully disconnected as the REC will provide Voltage/Current sense and temperature.


Is it correct to interpret the quote above as the following wires from the battery harness will also need to be connected? From the installation card that is bundled with the regulator as well as the WS500-Product-Manual-09-30-2022-V2.pdf manual, it reads as the alternator +/- (6, 5) provide the power, as there are a couple diagrams where they are omitted. Also the +/- (6,5) are described as "Power Negative Wire" and "Power Positive Wire"

(10) Negative Battery Sense [black]

(11) Positive Battery Sense [red]


I believe I am wired up correctly, and have verified 13.3v on the Alternator positive terminal and the alternator case ground where the regulator is connected.  I have also verified 13.3v on the switched ignition brown line, however my WS500 shows no signs of life.


If I plug in the USB cable, the regulator lights up and throws Error code 43 - Which is described in the Wakespeed-Communications-and-Configuration-Guide-v2.5.0-09.26.2022.pdf as "No voltage has been sensed on the Valt+ line, blow fuse?"

There is currently no inline fuse in place (kind of wild one wasnt provided, but thats another topic), and this behavior is exactly in line with the configuration and bench test results -- The unit would not power on when hookup up Alternator +/- and Ignition [brown] wire.  Only plugging in USB was the WS500 responsive.


I am searching the internet for a pinout diagram so I can verify that the voltage is in fact coming through the harness, with no luck.


I have no idea where to go from here 🙁



Well, the documentation seems a little misleading here.  The cables with label:

(10) Battery Ground Sense (Black/Yellow Stripe)

(11) Battery Positive Sense (Red/Yellow Stripe)


Are in fact the primary positive/negative wires which power the device.  Nowhere does it explicitly state this (though it may be perhaps suggested by the presence of a 3A fuse).  I had assumed that the:

(5) Alternator Ground (Black)

(6) Alternator Positive (Red)


Would be the primary power wires for these reasons:

1: They are red and black!

2: They are referred to in the manual (not the quickstart card) as Power Negative and Power Positive, whereas the red/black with yellow stripe are only ever referred to as "battery sense"

3:  They are also fused 15a

4: There are diagrams in the manual where the battery sense wires are not hooked up (See attached screenshot)

Hope someone else finds this useful, and that Wakespeed will add some clarity to future manuals

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