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WS500 and Cerbo GX - getting data from Cerbo GX via NMEA2000

Having read through the various documents I would like to check my understanding before I make the install. I have no NMEA2000 network so the only devices will be the WS500 and the Cerbo GX connected by the Victron to Wakespeed crossover cable. I want to install the WS500 shunt on the alternator output and pick up the battery current and temperature via NMEA2000 from the Victron Cerbo GX.

  1. On the WS500 in the $CCN I have set ENABLE_ALT_CAN to NMEA RAT (value 1) which the config guide states as the WS500 receeives battery current and temperature via NMEA2000 battery monitor.
  2.  On the Cerbo GX I plan to set NMEA2000-out to on.

Are points 1 and 2 the correct way to get the battery data from the Cerbo GX to the WS500.

I should also have noted that this is on a large AGM battery bank so no BMS involvement.

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