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WS 500 Field Amp reading.

What HW version is able to read the Field Amps?

I have tested with V1.0 and also V2.0 straight from Wakespeed and its not able to measure Field Amps.

Is this reserved for future HW versions?

I run two rather large Alternators on one WS500 and therefore is curios on the Amps drawn.


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I know that Wakespeed have plans to add some features over the next year but I am not sure if this is one one them.  I would like to have this value reported back as well.  Maybe Al can help with this one.

Al, would you like to comment on this one?


"Is this reserved for future HW versions?"  Yes.  <smile>

We have many deployments with two large frame alternators (ala, 24v / 280A large frame Leece Neville alts) and no issues.  The default wiring harness is able to support 15A of current, and we offer a special order 25A 'High Current' offering.  But to be honest, the only time I have seen that needed is when the alternators at hand come with a lifting eye.  (We did an install, 24v / 850A, 175lb alt.  Used the High Current cable for that one)

Most alternators I have seen draw around 4-6A ea (Small / mid frame alts), and 6-8A (Large frame, like the LN above).   12v references, half that for 24v fields.  No problems with the standard harness.   If you have a Clamp On amp meter you can verify the currents of course.


Thanks, its more like an nice to have feature.

Lets say you have an client with an installation not working as intended and he sends you the log file.

Than this field current data could be useful to find out what is going on.

Yes, the Field power is 75%, but what is the field current, could it be 0A?


Again, when Cerbo can log the data from WS500 to VRM, it would be nice to read Field current.

Lets say you have two alternators on one WS500, and Field current drops to half, then you know you have an problem with one alternator.

Or, if you are right on the limit of 15a in some cases then you can address this before its an problem and you blow the fuse.

But ok, thanks for answering my question.



We do have some hidden hardware feature to exploit in future firmware leases; a prime focus for 2021 has been expanding the know well supported battery systems, and focus on features to assist installers quickly and effectively ID not only WS500 related issues, but whole system related issues.

One specific example is in v2.4.2 firmware with the addition of FLT 43: No voltage detected at ALT+  In looking at support calls we have been involve din there has been a number of 'issues' which turned out to be:  ALT+ fuse was not in place, or perhaps was mixed up and a 3A one was installed, which quickly opened.  FLT 43 is a quick way to ID that 'problem'.

Up next is something around the Field wire, is it installed /  is it connected to the alt?  Has the Alt been converted correctly?  Look for that in future firmware releases.

And going forward, we do hear and listen to feedback from folks.  Most of the time it comes down to which 'Rope shall we push this morning' : - )