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Wakespeed regulators not driving


Batteries were at 50% leaving the anchorage but max output from dual big alternators was 95A. Regulators started in bulk then later to accept but output low and V around 27V. V slowly climbed to 28 during the day, but output stayed low.

Checking with the sw tool, field % was 31 for both alts. I attached a log. ANy help appreciated. I am driving so cant look at the log data just yet.





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It could be one of several things

!)  If the LED is flashing orange, your BMS is controlling it and you will need to check your cell voltages and temperatures to see what is pulling it back

2)  If the LED is flashing Green, your local profile is controlling it, so you will need to verify your parameters there

And, in either case, you will also need to check the safety limits in the WS500 to see if you are bumping off any of these

Thanks, Firefly bats so no BMS. Dual engine. Controlling WS500 flashing Green Acceptance, slave WS500 orange flashing.

Check you have the Firefly "configuration file" profile loaded.  You can download it here:  https://www.wakespeed.com/product/ws500-advanced-alternator-regulator/#wc-tab-title-support

Also, check your alternator temperature and battery temperatures to make sure the WS500 is not pulling back the output on a safety limit

Good morning!

I am using a customized version of #7. The exit amps settings in #7 dont work for me. Anyway, I do believe some parameter is limiting Field to 31%. Not temps. I am using a PBF of 1. I also notice in AST, engine RPM is 5, although I was running at 1900RPM at the time the data was collected (attached).  I have Tach sense turned off elsewhere, and I have no idea where the 5 comes from, but maybe the PBF is reading that as low RPM and then restricting Field to 31%. I can change PBF to zero to disable...

I attached a log. I also attached a screen shot showing Field as well as temps and V and Amps. You can see the system is in Bulk. I was running for a while, It stayed in bulk for a while, then dropped to Acceptance. WE ran in acceptance for multiple hours and the AMps stayed in low 90's while the V slowly climbed to 28.6 or so (Target Bulk/ACC)

So I am thinking, two possibilities: 1.  PBF thinks I am at idle, or 2. Whatever phenomenon that WS500 senses to set Field % is not functioning. I think this is most likely. So I need help figuring why the Field % is wrong and how to troubleshoot. Thanks

thanks greg

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Yes, something is definitely limiting Field to 31%..

Could be the PBF, Pull back Factor, is this set to 0?


If not, then you have to setup everything so the WS500 reads the correct RPM of the motor.



PBF is set to 1 and WS500 does not read engine RPM. So if PBF needs tach data, then this could well be the smoking gun

What was odd was, the system has worked well for a month of cruising, prior to this issue. When I go back into my logs I can see that there is a number for engine RPM in AST, but it is wrong. It is also different over multiple logs. SO maybe when the (incorrect) engine RPM is high enough to not throttle Field %, then I am OK. At other times the engine RPM is a low number, triggering pull back.

Anyway, will be off the dock in a few days so will test PBF=0



I have been reading the documentation and looking at the Smartphone app prior to buying a WS500. One thing I have read is if you are not using the stator for the rpm then the Configuration and Programming Guide says to ground the stator sensor wire or to ignore this sensor in the Ignore Sensors field of the $SCA command. Either of these should prevent spurious readings.

Hi Peter,

My stator wire is connected, but I am not reading engine RPM. I have not "ignored" the sensor. Under the SCT command:

ForceTM: <0, or 1> Setting the value to 1 will enable Tach-mode. (0 = DEFAULT) I am set to 0. But I dont think i need to set to 1 (ForceTM =1) . My interpretation of the guide is that if the stator wire is connected, then the WS500 should read engine RPM. I have the correct number of poles (12) and the correct pully ratio already set.

As you mentioned, as an alternative I can just set the PBF to 0 (ignore) and I dont have anything else selected that uses engine RPM. That said, I would like the function associated with PBF=1 if I can get the WS500 to interpret engine rpm.


Reading the current Communications and Programming guide I believe that you have to set ForceTM = 1 in the $SCT line to get the tacho function to work. In the smartphone app this is a definite input if you want tacho mode that then put ForceTM to 1.0 in the $SCT line. Here is my config line generated from the smartphone app inputs so this suggests that you do need to set it to 1.0, although I do not yet have the WS500 installed.

$SCT: 12,3.400,0,1,0@

Yep. The config guide is a little confusing... at the header of the SCT instructions, it says no changes need to be made for the WS500 to operate normally. But if you want PBF to work, it appears ForceTM needs to be =1, as you say.

I just made that change and ACT is reporting RPM. And Field % was 45 or so, which is encouraging. I am at a dock now so will see in a day or two when I drop the batteries down.

Looks like you have learned quite a bit for someone who hasnt installed these yet. The functionality is impressive and the manual is decent, but the wording at times leaves lots of room for interpretation.

Have you seen anywhere how the engine RPM is reported? Is it /10? Just now, I see my RPM reported as 55 at idle. So is it reporting 550? Or am I still dealing with other issues. I do have the alt poles at 12 (correct for this Balmar alt.) and the pully ratio correct, or at least close. So I would have expected to see 600rpm or so.

I will start another thread specific to tach output



I do not have any answers on the output of the rpm. It is a pity that the AST command does not display the alternator rpm. Have you used the SCV command to check the settings for the poles and pulley ratio are what you think they are.

Yep, poles+12 and pully ratio is at least close. So I dont know if the reported engine RPM of 55 is just another random output or a miscalculation due to my set up.

I did verify that engine RPM is reported as digits, so not a multiple. Therefore, 55 is not correct.

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