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Wakespeed on gx touch screen


anyone knows if wakespeed regulator is going to show up on victron gx screen?

following... 🙂 I have the gx I haven't "seen" anything. But 100% that I have also not set it up for that. Would be cool if it did... 🙂

The project seemed to get some traction last spring but it has been quiet for a few months now.

Here is a link to the project on github for those interested


Seems like we are very close now..!

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Yes, it is in alpha/beta testing now!


Scottwb96 has reacted to this post.

Version 2.5.0 (beta) is released now.

(Not had the chance to test it myself yet).

You will need Venus OS V2.90-10 also.




Tested out V2.5 Beta and seems to be working just fine.

I am running BMS controlled charging with REC A-BMS.


Now Victron just needs to add more widgets to the VRM portal from WS500.

Like State, RPM and Field%.

This will make it more easy to diagnose and adjust the setup.


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I'd love to see Victron have a main page update that will show a charge source from the WS500. However my guess is to get an accurate reading, you'll still need to install a shunt on the wire from the alternator to get an accurate reading.