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Volvo D2 55C panel status light

Quote from Rick-admin on October 28, 2020, 8:15 am

Hey David,

It seems your interposing relay idea is the solution that tech support recommends as well. Here is their response.

The solution I found for the D255 and others with the + signal for the dash lamp is to use the dash wire from the regulator to activate a Tyco or similar 30A relay. Depending on the signal that’s required, a normally on or normally off relay can be used. The negative signal from the regulator can be used on the switched side of the relay to open or close, and the positive voltage can be passed through to the electronic panel. That’s the $20 solution, and probably the easiest from an installer’s perspective as well.

As for the high output alt, that's easy, Yes. The WS500 field output driver circuit is designed for a minimum of 30 amps so even if your field is running at 10 or 12 amps you are good to go. (For high amp solutions contact us and we will get you a custom harness with an upgraded field wire that can handle 20 plus amps, typically only needed when you are controlling more than one alternator with a single WS500)

Hope this helps !!


In this response  quoted above you indicated that the tech support said that an interposing relay is the $20 solution to this problem of connecting the WS500 to my Volvo D2 55  (see 2nd paragraph above).  I am wondering why tech support suggested using a relay like this.  Is this done so that the current on the switched side of the relay , is kept away from the logic circuits in the Ws500 box (which I suspect is designed for milliamps, not the more substantial current that would be needed to run an incandescent light, and a  buzzer)?     If this is the case, the "ground" needed on the switched side of this relay's circuit should NOT be the ground that the WS500 provides via the #2 cable, but should be another more substantial ground connection to keeps this current away from the WS500's circuits.   Is this correct?



For your information:

Feature Out is active Low and is limited to 0.5A.