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Victron VE.CAN and CANbus to WS500

I have a pretty extensive Victron setup and just recently connected it to my NMEA network via a ve.CAN -> NMEA cable.

Can I take the ve.CAN bus network that is daisy-chained to many of my victon devices and continue the daisy-chain through the WS500 controllers?

Pictures are worth 1000 words so I have the attached picture to help.

I am looking for something like:

"Yeah, that might work, try it and tell us how it goes"


"That is a bad idea, black holes are known to form if you do that. Please do not kill us all."


Something in between!


I just saw this: https://www.offgridsoftwaresolutions.com/product-category/network/canbus-nmea2000/ in the store. Are there pinouts you can share?

I only need 6' of cable. It feels like $30USD is a little much to get it to me. (I just gotta whine!)

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Hey Ryan,

Here is the latest drawing that includes the WS500 from Victron hot off the press.  I haven't even reviewed it in detail yet myself but thought it might be an interesting read for you.

I will try to and put aside a bit of time in the next day or so and get back to you on your configuration.



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Ok, the short answer is yes, with a caveat.  The WS500 uses a different pin out than the standard VE cable and may put voltage on your network if trying to use a standard cable.  There is an internal fuse but there have been cases of magic smoke appearing, especially at 48V.

Here is a link to the WS500 communications manual and if you check out page 8 there is a pinout there that should help.  If you get it right no black holes or magic smoke are expected and then you can put that $30 bucks to your beer fund ! 🙂