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REC and WS500 User Forum

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Victron VE.CAN and CANbus to WS500

I have a pretty extensive Victron setup and just recently connected it to my NMEA network via a ve.CAN -> NMEA cable.

Can I take the ve.CAN bus network that is daisy-chained to many of my victon devices and continue the daisy-chain through the WS500 controllers?

Pictures are worth 1000 words so I have the attached picture to help.

I am looking for something like:

"Yeah, that might work, try it and tell us how it goes"


"That is a bad idea, black holes are known to form if you do that. Please do not kill us all."


Something in between!


I just saw this: https://www.offgridsoftwaresolutions.com/product-category/network/canbus-nmea2000/ in the store. Are there pinouts you can share?

I only need 6' of cable. It feels like $30USD is a little much to get it to me. (I just gotta whine!)

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Hey Ryan,

Here is the latest drawing that includes the WS500 from Victron hot off the press.  I haven't even reviewed it in detail yet myself but thought it might be an interesting read for you.

I will try to and put aside a bit of time in the next day or so and get back to you on your configuration.



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Ok, the short answer is yes, with a caveat.  The WS500 uses a different pin out than the standard VE cable and may put voltage on your network if trying to use a standard cable.  There is an internal fuse but there have been cases of magic smoke appearing, especially at 48V.

Here is a link to the WS500 communications manual and if you check out page 8 there is a pinout there that should help.  If you get it right no black holes or magic smoke are expected and then you can put that $30 bucks to your beer fund ! 🙂




so i have just installed 2 x WS 500's and am a little confused with the can wiring when integrating with REC BMS and victron.

i have the Cerbo GX which only has 2 ports but i need to plug in:

2 x WS500 Currently connected together with a straight cat5 cable

1 x REC BMS (victron supported version)

1 x Victron Multiplus

1 x Victron NMEA output cable

can you give any advice on how it should all be routed and terminated?



You should be able to connect your Multi to a VE.bus

Connect your REC BMS to the VE.CANBus port 1

Connect your WS500s in series to VE.CANBus port 2, with a terminator plugged into your last WS500

ok but where do i plug in my CE can to NMEA2000 adapter?

Not sure what your CE CAN adapter is and a quick google search didn't find it, but your CANBus network is basically a 2 wire daisychain, wiht 2 wires for power and another for the shield.  The idea is to create a long string of devices with as few spurs or tees as possible, to reduce any reflection.  EOL resistors will stop any reflection at either end of the string.

That all being said, without any network diagram I can only throw out a few ideas:

  1.  Can your CE cable be added to the end of your WS500s, if not too far away?  (Remember, you will need a WS500 switchover cable if connecting to a WS500 port, or else damage might occur)
  2.  I have never tried it, but if you were to pick the shortest run device, likely the REC, you could just use a splitter at the Cerbo so that your daisy chain network would have one short Tee stubbed off it it.  Maybe something like this.

Amazon.com: RJ45 Network Splitter Adapter Cable, Minriu RJ45 1 Male to 2 Female Socket Port LAN Ethernet Network Splitter Y Adapter Cable Suitable for Super Category 5 Ethernet, Category 6 Ethernet and More: Industrial & Scientific

sorry typo it should read:

victron VE.Can to NMEA 2000 micro-C male cable