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Victron to WS500 Integration Update

Is Victron Integration an important feature for your planned configuration?
Yes, I am looking forward to using this feature!
Not really sure

It looks like Victron is now working on the WS500 integration!

This means the Victron Venus product line will now recognize the WS500 and integrate it into its network.

To stay on top of its development you can track it here on Github.  If you are a techy this makes for an interesting read!!

This is a big step forward in the acceptance and integration of the WS500 product from WakeSpeed.  Well done!


slightly off topic but is there a diagram like this that shows the REC ABMS integration in place of the victron bms?

Not yet that we know of, but its a great idea.  Later in the year, time permitting we hope to put together some examples like this.

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