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Van Harness connector Types

Regarding the Van Wiring harness and wakespeed alternator temperature sense:
1. What is the stator/field connector type/model?
2. What is the alternator temperature sense connector type/model?
3. Does the alternator temperature sense have a polarity?  I'm interfacing with an APS 185A 24V alternator that provides two wires (red and black) for temperature sense from an embedded sensor.

You will want to contact Wakespeed tech support for these specs.

From Wakespeed:

1. The connector used on the Field/Stator wires at the alternator is a Deutsch DTM04-02. They are available through Digikey, Mouser, or most other electrical suppliers (I’ve also seen them available on EBay.
2. The connectors used with our alternator and battery temperature sensor cables is a 2-pin superseal connector. They are available through Del City and, once again, EBay and Amazon.
3. The temp sensor is looking at resistance. The resistor provides the same value either direction, so, no, polarity is not an issue.
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Good info, thanks for sharing!


Just got around to looking at this connector in person (as I was about to pin the mating connector).  The info wakespeed provided was only partially correct:  The Field/Stator connector is a DT06-2S which needs a DT04-2P to mate.  It's not a DTM series connector as stated earlier.

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