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Uploading new firmware

Good morning Rick and all,

i have had two WS-500's installed on two Caterpillar 420hp 3126 diesels for over 18 months.

i have had some issues where one, or both units would shut down (reduce output to zero) with battery levels at 100%, but that makes sense i guess.

overall i am extremely happy with how they work and get the best out of my two alternators.

now i am going through a much more extensive upgrade, going from 12v to 24v, and MG Lithium HE 24 300 batteries, with their Master LV BMS, two Victron Quattro 5000 units and a Skylla-i charger.

i have changed out the two old 12v alternators for 24v items and we are in the process of integrating the WS-500's to work with these.

we have been able to upload the latest firmware to the 'Master' unit, but the 'Slave' unit will not accept the upgrade. When i start the engines i have zero output at the alternators (tested with tongs on the output wire). in the original system this would 'normally' have happened for about 10 minutes when both alternators would kick in and start charging.

my installer is scratching his head

i'd appreciate any thoughts on this subject.





Hello Phil,

I good test for troubleshooting would be to test first both regulators as stand alone.

Remove the rj45 cable in between the 2 ws500.

Remove at one regulator the alt+ fuse and check or the other alternator is charging normally.

Do this test with both alternators.

Post the result here.

Please post also the serial numbers from both regulators.

Forum member,


One more suggestion.

If one is not charging, remove Voltage sense fuse and alt+ fuse from both regulators. Do this with engines not running.

Swap the  2 ws500 from position.

Install the fuses.

Still the same alternator not charging?




Thanks for the prompt response Ben,

Please find attached photos of my units with the relevant serial numbers.

i'll have to wait until Monday to carry out these tests. my electrical guys will be here then and  i have no way of measuring current without their tongs



Uploaded files:
  • IMG_6134.jpeg
  • IMG_6128.jpeg

Hi Ben,

do you have any thoughts on the second unit not accepting the 1.2.2 upgrade?

yesterday i was able to download the software upgrade from your site, as my tech thought maybe the Wakespeed site upgrade may have been corrupted.

tomorrow we will use your version to attempt the upgrade on the second WS-500.



Hello Phil,

do you have any thoughts on the second unit not accepting the 1.2.2 upgrade?

The latest firmware is on the wakespeed website for ws500 is 2.4.2. I didnt notice any problem with this version.

1.2.2 is a probably the firmware from offgridsolution pc based configuration/monitoring tool.

If you can not upgrade to the newest version you need to contact your reseller or wakespeed directly and discuss with them how to solve.

If you bought from offgridsolution  Rick will help you, Iam only a forum member and reseller in Asia. Best is send Rick a email, with the serial numbers he will contact Wakespeed about your problem.


As you changes 2 thinks at the same time.

-new firmware

-new installation.

I suggest first todo the test discribed before, with 2 stand alone setups.




Most probably you have a batterry monitor system in your installation.  You can read the amps that the alternators are charging, this means you don't need to wait till Monday to do this test.



Thanks for the comprehensive response,

i did buy my units from Rick and he has been very helpful in the past.

When my guys checked on Friday, there was no output from either of the WS-500 units.

But this is not unusual in my installation, which has always taken 5-10 minutes to start up.

do you have a copy of the latest 2.4.2 firmware that you could send me please?

my email is pfjay52@gmail.com.

i'll email Rick also.