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Two "Mechanical" Questions

On/Off Switch - my BMS location won't allow a close location of the on/off switch included in the harness. Are there any concerns with splicing in an extension of wiring and locating the switch about 5' away, assuming I do a good job with the splice?


RS485 Connection - these connections both came with male screw ends rather than one male and one female end. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the part need to join these. Right now I'm using tape, and that doesn't feel ideal.



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sure, extending your On/off switch should not be an issue.

For your DB9, my preferred option is to use black tape, but you can get M4 x 6 or 7mm nuts as well.

I found these on the walmart site

M4 x 7mm Female Thread Brass Knurled Threaded Insert ...


Thank you Rick.

Hi Rick - I noticed the same issue when I received my BMS and cables.  I connected them together with two zip-ties; a cheezy but effective solution.


Question:  why do the cables not come with complementary housing parts:  female end with 'nuts' (so to speak) and male connector with knurled screws (as supplied)

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I replace the REC on/off switch and extend the cable a few times.

Also use another type off switch.

The REC on/off switch is a NC type!!


I share salvey’s befuddlement with the lack of female receptacles for the male connector screws on the RS485 connectors.  Not only is the BMS relatively expensive, so to are all the additional modules that one is more or less forced to buy in order to monitor and program the BMS.   At the very least, the connectors should match up properly.  Having to wrap them with etape looks a bit agricultural, and certainly is not in line with the cost of these components.