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Twin engine installation with 2 WS500

I'm looking to install 2 WS500's for our twin engine boat my question related to the shunt or Shunts requirement. do we need 2 x shunts 1 per alternator or can we share 1 master shunt at the battery for the 2 x WS500s

Good Question.

If you have two relatively small alternators and are not concerned with limiting the output of each alternator you could go with a "Battery Centric" configuration and use only one shunt.  If you have large capacity alternators and want to be able to control and limit the output of each alternator independently then you will want a shunt placed at each alternator and set it up for am "Alternator centric" configuration.

you can read up on it in this manual:   http://wakespeed.com/Wakespeed%20%20Communications%20and%20Configuration%20Guide%20v2.4.1.pdf