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Small alternator setting

I had previously been using the android app on my phone but finally decided to buy your software which I must say is great 👍


Now that I have a lot more visibility into what going on I have noticed by field seems to be capped at 75%

It would appear that I am running in small alternator mode because when I adjust the small alternator percentage value the field increases

I have Balmar 621 100amp alternators  so assume they can handle 100% field?

The dip switch is set for large alternator however I couldn't see a setting in the software to change it

There are a couple of settings that may be affecting your output.  When you are looking at the SCA parametrs string check your "derate Norm" and your "PBF" (Pull back factor) and your "Alt Amps Cap" settings.

If your output is going to 100% then the field is fully energized and your limitation at that point is your alternator.

Keep in mind that most alternator specs are based on "Cold" temperatures and when they warm up it is not unusual to see a 20-25% output decline.



I was looking at the field line graph in the software without the engines running and both were at 75% but when I adjusted the small alternator value they decreased.

Any thought on good starting values for a balmar 621 ie number of poles and temperature?



It looks like your dip switch or set to small alt. parameter is enabled.

I never had much luck getting the number of poles from the datasheets, so I would just leave it set to the default and adjust my pulley ratio to get my RPM value synced if it was out.  I think there is another old post with my math.

Most alts seem to be able to take around 100 C (212F) but I always start with 90C and increase it only if I have to.  Your datasheet might also give your some insight.