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Shunt reading 2.5x lower than actual current

I'm setting up a Master/2 Slave system at 24v x 400 aH x2 with a Quattro inverter/Cerbo Gx.    I have my first bank set up and configured with the first Slave and a 500A/50mv shunt.  The REC is set up with the proper shunt settings for a 500/50 shunt in the REC wifi interface and confirmed at the command line to have the shunt coefficient 0.019531

The REC readings are 2.5x lower than either my Lynx shunt or  my inductive shunt meter which do correlate with each other.   As I have the equipment for two slaves and two shunts I have tried swapping out each component with identical shunt readings using a different slave, a different shunt cable and a different shunt.

Any suggestions where to look next for a solution?

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here is a screenshot from the VRM console showing the difference in the current readings.

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