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REC BMS WiFi firmware update 1.5.8 now released

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Im interested in this too.

I have an ABMS, LCD & Wifi. (bought direct from REC, early)

I have just updated to 1.5.1 and it states HW:1.0 - all seems OK.

But if it is really HW:1.0 can we update to later revisions ??


I completed the update using the HW1.2 file and it worked. I can't tell that anything is different, but the WiFi module still works and shows the new firmware version.

The LCD still is flaky to connect on startup and I have to power cycle the WiFi module and LCD once or twice. I am wondering if perhaps this is an issue with the precharge - I noticed I have a similar issue with my Cerbo GX. Everything in my system is connected after the main contractor, that is controlled with the REC pre charge module. Perhaps these devices don't like the slow voltage ramp-up?

That's good news and tends to support my comment about you likely having the 1.2HW and the text was just not changed in the original build.

You might want to run your electronics off of a separate relay.  One idea, which I havent had time to test yet, but should work, is to use the low voltage cutout relay on the Active BMS to power your electronics.  That way it will stay powered on a high voltage trip and only disconnect when your system voltage drops to an unsafe condition

That makes sense. However I have the Q BMS. My understanding is there is some firmware version that lets me control an external relay and have it turn off when nearing low voltage, before the main contractor shuts everything down?

I'd love to get that set up. Is that a feature available in the new 2.8? I am currently with 2.7.


In another post somewhere Tine mentioned that they can custom configure your spare opto output to do that for you for about 25 Euro as I recall.  This is not a new feature.

I see. Do I reach out to Tine directly over the forums or email?

He is not active on this forum so email is best


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Eran Rundstein

I too have just updated from HW:1.0  SW:1.5.1

using the 1.2 files

now says HW:1.2  SW: 1.5.8

All looks ok.

Thanks for the feedback guys.  It is looking more like everyone does indeed have the 1.2 release version boards.

Hey Rick,

On this topic, I've encountered the SD card error again.   I tried removing and reinstalling the micro SD card and that didn't fix it so I swapped to a new SD card and the problem remains.  I noted that the PC board mask lists the h/w version as 1.2 even though the REC app indicates 1.0.  See attached photo for this detail.

I tried following the update instructions for this module and I went through the steps but the firmware version never updated.  The popup menu that appears when pressing "Update" doesn't look like the one shown in your tutorial and it says "software updated successfully" too fast to reflect actual file loading.

I think I need a new WiFi module.  This one is just over one year old and I'm not sure of the warranty policy but either way I need a replacement. Let me know if I need to place an order.




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