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REC BMS supported inverters

REC is continually adding new CANBus inverter support. They are also committed to extending that support, so if you have a CANBus enabled inverter and can get a hold of the PGN and protocol for interfacing please get back to us about including your inverter in the growing list.


REC does not support RS485 integration at this time.  The RS485 network is for connecting multiple REC BMS's in a large system and driving local LCD displays.

As of Feb 2022 the list now includes:

  • Victron
  • SMA SI
  • SolaX
  • Solis
  • Studer
  • Goodwe
  • TBB
  • Growatt



Hi Rick,


Are any off the shelf (from offgrid) communication cables available for the Growatt inverters?



Hi Fred,

From what I could find the Growatt uses the same pinout as the SMA cable but I have a msg into head office just to confirm.

Head office confirmed that the Sunny CANbus cable is the same pinout as the Growatt inverter