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REC and WS500 User Forum

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Rec BMS charge and discharge disable


Thanks for putting this forum up. I'm interested in the REC BMS for a future boat install using a Victron and Wakespeed based system. Understand that the primary charge/discharge control will be via Canbus to the inverter and regulators.

From reviewing the Rec BMS documentation, I'm a bit confused as it only shows a single relay to shut-down the inverter/charger.

Can I set up the Rec BMS with one of the guessing MOSFET switches be charge disable and the other be a discharge disable?  In other words separately control charging and discharging similar to other BMS solutions out there? I would like to control some non CAN controlled chargers and load sources via a few Victron battery connects.







Hi Robin,

Early on in the BMS era we needed to have separate UV and OV circuits to protect our systems.  With the advent of "Smart devices" using CANBus it becomes less of an issue.

As you mention the devices talk with each other and the BMS effectively acts as the Master battery protection device on your network.  It will throttle back your WS500s, your MPPTs and your Victron or SMA inverter and chargers to maintain a safe system, with a single disconnect as a fail-safe mechanical disconnect.  In addition the opto output can be used to disable the charger on an older charging device.  You can even add an interposing relay and have it shut down your alternator field, battery charger, MPPT, wind, etc but keep in mind these methods are old binary control technology and do not lend themselves to a nicely regulated self compensating control system.

That all being said, if you would like to split your charge and load buses that is fine too.  You just need a quick firmware swap that can be uploaded from either your wifi module or PC software.  Just send us a quick email with your order number and BMS serial number and we will have head office set you up.

Hope this helps!!

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Robin Wessel

Thanks from user Ben, who reminded me that with the WS500, unlike older external regulators, you would disable it or remove its power instead of using the field wire.