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REC Active BMS 2.9.0 Firmware Update

REC has just released a firmware update for the Active BMS that adds a new CAN message and addresses an RS485 bug.  For details and downloads you can visit the REC North America site here:    https://rec-bms-na.com/rec-active-bms-2-9-0-firmware-update/



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Thanks for posting this as I was just going to post a message about this. Previously, we had to reach out to REC directly to obtain a firmware update specific to our serial number. However I've noticed that it's available for download here https://rec-bms-na.com/product-manuals/#7-8-wpfd-rec-active-bms. Are we safe to install this firmware update directly from your site or do we still need to submit our serial number directly to REC?

Also thank you for putting together a change log so we know what's in the new firmware. It would be nice if REC put that in the PDF as well, just a suggestion 😉

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