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About a week ago I started receiving an error message on my REC Active BMS Wi-Fi portal when logged in. At the top of my page I see in bold red text “PROBLEM WITH SD CARD, LOGGING IS DISABLED”. I have removed the 16GB SD card and inserted it into my laptop computer, however, the SD card is not recognized.

I have formatted a different 64GB SD card with FAT 32 and installed it in the Wi-Fi module, connected and powered it up and I still get the same error message. I cleaned the contacts (which look brand new) with alcohol cleaning wipe and still the same error.

Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks,

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You can reset the wifi, holding the switch in the wifi unit 20 seconds?? (I dont ave the exact info by hand)


other suggestion, start with a fresh formatted sd. Only copy the 2 latest update files for the WIFI module on it.

insert the sd, and the wifi should updated to the latest firmware also.

maybe the latest firmware solved your problem

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