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Needing help with the CAN bus

Hello, I have recently integrated a Victron Cerbo device that provides a lot of usable information to the Victron products that I have connected to it. Can anyone discuss the steps I need to take to integrate via the CAN bus to get data from my REC 4S BMS such as SOC or individual cell voltage?  I blindly connected the REC CAN bus to the Cerbo with the Victron CAN bus terminator also in the Cerbo but don’t know where to go from there. Any suggestions or help? I could not see anything that helps from the manuals

Patrick,  if you look in the REC Active Victron/Wakespeed specific manual, there is a section that outlines the settings that you need to make to get it working.  One thing I did find is that the information regarding Cerbo GX and settings doesn't actually work, rather the other settings mentioned (Connecting to VECan vs BMS CAN)  So in your Cerbo remote console, navigate to Settings/Services/CAN-bus (1)/ then for CAN Bus Profile, select "VE.Can @ CAN-bus BMS (250 kbit/s).  I got mine up and running on the network this way, despite it not being as described in the manual as far as GX products are concerned.  Once you have this setting, you should see the REC on the network.  Then go to Settings/System setup and choose REC BMS as your battery monitor.

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You can in fact use the 500kb/sec CAN settings, but you need to change this via the control software: CANF 2

Hello Eboat, Thanks for the reply. I will try this response once again.

I did try as you suggested using the 250kb/s selection. I assume if it worked I would find the REC BMS on my device list? I couldn't find it there nor on my battery monitor screen. I sent a few snapshots as maybe I went down the wrong path?

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additional pictures

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Thanks Eboat, I am up and running with the REC configured on the Cerbo. Follow up question, have you set up a trigger on relay 1 or 2 to switch based on the BMS SOC?  I could see possibly fooling the BMS by using gen on/off parameters to trigger relay 1 but I’d prefer to possibly use that setting later for an auto start on the genset.

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I haven't set any of the relays on the Cerbo yet.  As of now all I need for switching will come from the BMS to handle charge and discharge cutoffs.  Hopefully, if everything works as designed, there should be no need to use these switches...