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MultiPlus control in a system with REC Q BMS and Cerbo GX


I have the BMS connected to Cerbo GX, which is also connected to a Multiplus 3000. I have enabled DVCC/SVS/STS like the BMS manual suggests and I am running an unexpected problem: when I disconnect the BMS from the Cerbo, or when I disconnect the Multiplus from the Cerbo, the Multiplus continues charging.
I would've expected that if there is loss of communication the Multiplus will abort charging. Going over an Orion BMS manual, which is also Victron-CAN compatible, they do indicate that loss of communication should prevent the Multiplus from turning on.
The Cerbo GX manual also indicates that in the section where they describe what happens if you power up the CerboGX from the Multiplus AC ouput, but in my setup for whatever reason if I power up the Multiplus with the Cerbo turned off, it is still happy to charge - which is unacceptable for safety reasons...
Does anyone have any idea what I am missing?
I'm attaching some photos of the information displayed on the Cerbo.
Thank you!
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Paul Young has reacted to this post.
Paul Young

Having your Multiplus shut off on loss of comms will be function of the settings in the MultiPlus.  I did a quick search and found some "loss of communications" parameters in the Venus/Cerbo here, but havent been able to find anything specific to the DC battery.

Maybe it is an "Assistant" plugin.

Hopefully this point you in the right direction, and if you do find it please let us know.


Paul Young has reacted to this post.
Paul Young

I am setting up a similar system with an REC Active (12V) BMS and Victron Multiplus II Inverter and Wakespeed 500 regulator.  It is critical that either charging system disconnect if CAN fails.  I'm interested in what you discover.


I am curious how you dealt with this situation; were you able to disable Multiplus charging on Com failure?  CRITICAL!

I unfortunately took a break from the project and haven't gotten to figuring that part out yet.