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Motor not running - reduce rotor current

If motor is not running or tach is zero, reduce rotor current to 5% or similar. Just enough to sense if motor / tach starts.
Removes chance of cooking rotor.

Hello Paul,
What you like, a small amount of rotor current continues can be programmed in the regulator.
Look for command $SCT    <Tach Min Field>
But be very careful with this setting, because if set to high the batteries will be charged with higher voltage as your programmed voltage.
If you program this you need to understand what the regulator is doing, and it is at your own risk.
IT IS NOT RECOMMMENDED for every user to use this setting. Be careful with overcharging.
There are other things that are recommended, see below.
I did lots, lots of testing with this setting.
A few points to keep in mind.
Different tachos start working at different voltages.
If the tacho is able to sense very low voltage you may get it working properly.
Some tachos  not.
Suggested to do a test with 100% full batteries, switch off all load, and test at high RPM.
If you can find a setting and at that setting the voltage dont go up, and you dont see more amp flow,
you probably find the correct setting for your setup.
Then do a test or there is enough stator output at LOW rpm.
I would recommend, if you have lifepo4 batteries, to use the overcharge function.
Check the manual about this.
Program this in your regulator.
$CPO:7 -2,300,13.36,0@
13.36 need to match your programmed float voltage.
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