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MacOS release has been delayed

Porting software code between operating systems can be a frustrating experience.  What works well in Windows may behave very differently in Unix/MacOS.  For instance the software also relies on special processes that are needed to flash the firmware .  Unfortunately this means the release of the Mac version has been delayed, quite likely for several months.

Any news on this front ?

This project will require hundreds of hours of work and due to lack of interest, it has been put on hold indefinitely.

I am the owner of a SW development business that is 100% Macos, Linux, and embedded systems.  Not a single Windows machine here.  For me, the lack of  Macos (or Linux) SW makes the Wakespeed a non-starter, despite it's being the best (IMHO) smart alternator regulator on the market.

You made a good point Edward but the challenges are many on this one.  For background, we developed this app to support Wakespeed as they worked on the actual hardware and each product must stand on its own.

  1. The lib/app for firmware updates from STM is windows only and we have not been able to find an available copy of the source code to recompile.
  2. Apple developers license costs are high, for a product with limited volume.
  3. No one wants to even spend $ 25 on software
  4. Maintaining a code signing licenses is another cost to consider
  5. It takes time and resources to port, test, upgrade and maintain multiple operating systems

We estimate a market of 25-30 unit sales per year for a MACOS product, which is less than $ 1,000 in annual revenues.  For us to consider it the cost of the app would have to be in excess of $100 and we would need a minimum of 50 sales per year just to cover costs, and just don't see that as productive use of our skills at this time.

If you have any ideas, we are always open to discussion.

There are different ways to program the WS500.

I would advise the "Universal configuration Utility"
You can download it from the Wakespeed website including the manual.

In short:
Unzip the file and open the created folder.
There is a _MACOSX folder, open this.
next folder Universal configuration Utility, open this.

To this folder you can add
- .txt file for configuration changes
- .dfu file for firmware updates

After adding the .txt or .dfu start the ""._~~ UPDATE ~~ .bat"" file and follow instructions on the screen.

The .txt file you can create your self or you dealer can send it.
There are also many examples on the wakespeed website under download.
The latest firmware you can download from wakespeed website.