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How to bench configure my WS500

Great news! The latest firmware update 2.0.2  now includes a Configure mode which disables the alarms and outputs.  This means you can plug in your PC and power it right from your USB. It does not require any battery power source to set your parameters.

And even better, the app now recognizes when there is no power applied and will ask you if you want to go into Config mode, as soon as you start communicating with the WS500.

To update your firmware just run the WS500 Tool, connect your USB and select System/Firmware Upgrade from the Main Window.  It will step you through the process, get the latest version from the cloud and update your firmware for you.  Dont forget to make a backup of your WS500 first, using the File/Save Active Profile function!

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Hello, I get an error that says i cannot connect to the application website. Check your network connection and try again. I ran the app as admin. Does anyone have a fix?

Hey Cory, the server is down and you will need to use the registration file we emailed you to install the key.  If you were not able to get it to unlock the app just let us know and we will get your fixed up.