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Help with REC ABMS?

Hi there,

We've got a REC ABMS, but we're having trouble getting it to start up.

We've wired everything up according to the diagram below and checked everything twice. When we hit the BMS switch nothing happens - no lights, no noise, no signs of life. Confirmed we have ~13V+VE across pins 8 and 12, which is where the BMS draws power.

All the troubleshooting tips in the manual rely on the BMS turning on and blinking a series of lights at you which you then decode from a table, which doesn't help us with a seemingly bricked unit.

I'm aware we're slightly shooting in the dark here but just wanted to ask if any other REC ABMS users encountered anything similar, and if you had any ideas?? Thank you!
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In case other users need the answer:

We had blown four fuses. There are six (?) in total.

The REC only ships with two spares, so now we wait!

The fuse you need is "t3 15a 250v cq mst". It's cheap but you probably have to buy it online.

It sounds like you tried to wire your cells while the harness was connected to the BMS.  The maximum voltage potential across your cell monitors is 5V DC.  If you were to connect your ground, then your cell#4 wire, you induce about 13volts across that highly sensitive A/D converter.  This will likely from your A/D on the BMS.

I see you have blown 4 fuses.  There is a good chance you may have damaged your BMS.

For future reference, you will want to wire all of your leads with the harness removed, then verify the voltage potential at each cell input before connecting it.

Good luck

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