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Connecting my REC BMS to a Victron Cerbo

The CANBus connection to the Victron BMS is pretty straight forward but there are a couple of things you need to know.  We will update this topic as new issues come to light, and we will add them to this first page, so feel free to leave your questions here.


The REC BMS can form an integral part of a networked Victron Energy System by working together with your inverter, MPPTs and chargers to help avoid hard shutdowns.



  1.  CANBus allows several different speed rates from 125K BPS to 1Meg BPS (Bits per second).  The default on the REC is usually 500K while the Victron is 250K.

A customer was kind enough to do some research and found this, which helped him

"In the REC manual it gives you the settings that you need to configure within the CERBO remote console. One difference I found was to plug into the VE-CAN port on the CERBO rather than the BMS-CAN port and set CAN-1 settings to VE.CAN & CAN-bus BMS (250 kbit/s). You can set this at: Settings/Services"