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Capping alternator amps output

I wanted to check if it is possible to cap the output amps of an alternator using the WS500 I want to use a high output alternator that has a really good output at low rpm on a single V belt but want to be able to limit the output to a maximum of say 80-100 amps so I don't start eating belts.

is there an ability to set a maximum limit where it will hold the output no matter if the RPM goes higher

Hey Neil,

There are two ways to limit the output on your alternator with a WS500.


For low RPM you can add a factor which will reduce the output at lower RPM, provided you have your RPM(A/C) wire connected to your alternator.

For maximum output you can limit your output to anything you want by changing the parameters in the SCV string.  Page 22 of the manual will give you all of the details.

WS500 Programming and Configuration Manual

Hope this helps!

And the WS500 config tool we include free with your order allows you to easily modify these parameters