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Canbus / NMEA2K / STNG

Networking together an

OPE Tether




VDO Tachometer

Raymarine Axiom 9 +

Using Canbus / NMEA2K / STNG

BUT - there seems to be some bus devices that need the bus powered to work (STNG parts)
Is there any info on which of  the above devices NEED bus power? I would have assumed it was just some, but I'm not so sure.
And I'm looking at some of the RM equipment that may be killing the bus if not powered (5 port connector, legacy adapter etc)

I have found that by breaking out your power sources you can get over this.  I have had success with powering my NG components off of the power source on the RM Evolution autopilot and then only connecting the CANBus + and - to my N2K network which was powered with an injection cable or self powered devices

I think they need to be seperate buses / terminations with gateway
Some of the RM backbone devices block traffic if not powered. I'm not sure which one's yet. Testing.


I could see that if you had a network with NG then N2K then NG again as some devices will likely have an IN and OUT network port with some sort of opto isolation circuit.

You could likely get around this by adding a TEE and just taking a single stub cable to your device.

Just some off the cuff thoughts to consider