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Can REC Q BMS communicate to Victron Lynx Distributor?

According to the Victron Lynx Distributor manual only the Victron Lynx Smart BMS can communicate to the Lynx Distributor.  Is it possible to get the REC Q BMS to do work with it?

The Lynx Distributor does not look like it supports CANBus but just uses a simple I2C or 1Wire interface on the RJ10 connector.  The REC BMS supports the 1wire protocol for its temperature sensors but it would take some work to add this feature.  You would also need to add a circuit to power the Lynx.

If you are tech savvy you could create a simple relay/diode circuit across the fuses and take that dry contact closure back to the opto isolated discrete input for alarming purposes.

I imagine that if there were a significant demand, and the comms protocol were just 1Wire it may be something that REC would look at adding.


Feedback from Tine of REC

You can make 4 way circuits with small signal relays or optocouplers. NC output of the relay is used to power LED or alarm in case of the blown fuse.


The Lynx Distributor uses an I2C bus to relay the 4 fuses and positive busbar state. Up to 4 distributors can be chained on the same I2C bus (A B C D). You need an I2C master system (+ power as Rick said) to read these states.