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Bonus Cells

Is it possible to run a Victron/Wakespeed/REC Q system using a string of 9 (or even 10) LFP cells?


it would require that the MPPT,  Inverter/Charger, and alternator all be able to put out the desired voltage, is that possible?





Sure, the WS500 has a multiplier parameter, based on a 12V system to allow you to have any range of battery voltages, up to 48v.  The REC Q BMS also allows you to have between 5-16 cells.  The Victron Multi has 12/24/48 systems, but all of them are pretty wide ranging, so you should be able to find one that fits within your needs.  Not sure about the MPPTs, but your BMS would likely override its output.

An example of this would be some older motor yachts that used a 32V system