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bms 10 red led flashes,

Hi I hope someone can help with this error code on a new installation.

So far i have

checked All sense wires -correct

checked fuses .

replaced the blown fuse on battery sense wire #4

restarted and the fuse blew again .

removed both relay fuses and replaced #4 fuse again

restarted and blew again.

now i am out of spare fuses and ideas??

This is an A-BMS 12V installation?

Anyhow, it your 100% sure the senswires are correct then it sounds like your BMS is broken.

Thanks for the reply you are correct i replaced the bms and bingo was online.

Now the next challenge is to load firmware via wifi module to allow for dual bus usage ,I have installed firmware multiple times with a successful indication from the wifi. The software is 2.90-2 but it doesnt change in the bms module it stays as 2.90-1 which is great if you want a single bus system .help please....

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