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Active BMS Fireware updates?

Any firmware updates? I'm getting my wifi adapter updated but was curious if there was any new firmware for the BMS. Its about a year old and wondered if there was anything new (don't see any files on the website). Thanks!

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Yes, there is an V2.8 out now.

But I don't think you will find it online.

Contact your local REC dealer.

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Will BMS firmware updates be added to the site?

BMS firmware is updated only rarely, and is serial# specific, therefore it can not be added to the site, but needs to be requested directly from REC head office.  You will need to send them your serial number and they will send you an updated bin file.  There are also different release numbers for different drivers.  For instance the latest Sunny build could be 2.6 whereas the latest Victron build could be 2.8

From your serial number it looks like you have an Active BMS, and there is a 2.8 update that has just been released for the Victron/WS500 driver version.

It is usually the User Interface software that gets enhancements and that is not serial# specific so we post that for our customers

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Thanks for the explanation. I've reached out to them. Thank you!