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ABMS with Smart Shunt

Is it possible to have the REC Active BMS make use of a Victron Smart Shunt?

The Smart Shunt doesn't have any provisions for hooking up additional sense wires (not very smart IMO).


No, and in my thinking you would not want to have to rely on a network connection to control your battery.  The BMS both performs PID control and has several safety features that rely on the current sensor.

But you can share it simply by hardwiring your shunt cables across it.  The impedance of the sensor is so high it will not affect any reading


I didn't want to get the data off the network for the reasons you mentioned.

I wasn't sure if I could just put the sense wires on the big terminals. It makes sense that you could but I wanted to verify that.

Do you think I'd be asking for trouble if I drilled and tapped two 6/32 holes for the sense wires on the shunt?

You can connect the sense wires to the two large M10 terminals.

I have done this in my own system, no problems.

For the record, it is possible to drill and tap the back side of a Victron shunt to accept additional leads.