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2 REC Active in Parallel batteries

12v RV with the new Victron Multiplus II.  Any issues with using a pair of the these BMS's in parallel?  Considering having the redundancy of a pair of 2P4S batteries rather than just one 4P4S battery.

How well does the software handle having more than one battery/BMS?

What items would I want two of? BMS/Wifi/??

Thanks much.

Great question.

First, the 2 BMS's can indeed share a WiFi module but they need to have their RS485 addresses set differently and then you can then just select the one to communicate with once you log in to its web server.  The only limitation is that all history logging will be recorded for the unit currently connected, which for me is not a major issue, but something to consider.

For the second question, it seems you are looking for device aggregation, and that become a function of how the Victron device deals with it.  Next month we will have our test lab set up to confirm how it all works together it but for now I will reach out to REC to see if they can help.  (it could be a few days before we get back on this one as its a holiday there)

You dont mention your application but if you are including a WS500 smart regulator it will indeed aggregate your loads with multiple REC BMS's


Thank you for the info. Look forward to hearing what REC has to say.

One additional sub question would be: If using two WiFi modules, would that allow for history logging from both devices?

Thanks again.


Correct, you would just set each WiFi device to a single unit.  I haven't tried it yet but it might be that your WiFi modules could each act as a backup, giving you redundancy at that level too.  I will have to try that one sometime.


Please let me know what REC says about the software being able to track two separate batteries/BMS's vs just 4 "cells".


I am interested in this posting. I will trying to connect 4 LFP batteries in parallel using 4 REC BMS units. My plan so far is to use a Victron BMS-712 battery monitor and/or a Victron Cerbo to manage the charge bus. Right now I am assembling the 2nd LFP and experimenting with that configuration. I think I will use the REC WiFi unit as a portable stand alone "test set" and plug into each battery as needed. My application is for 4 LFP's on a sailboat physically located at different places on the boat.