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WS500 Smart Regulator

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The WS500 is a next generation Smart Regulator for Marine, Off-grid and RV applications. It is ideally suited to the latest in battery technology and includes CANBus and NMEA2k communications to integrate into an overall Energy Management Network and the REC BMS product line.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm

4 reviews for WS500 Smart Regulator

  1. Andy

    Now my issues seem to have settled I love the gear. Easy to configure and fairly easy to install. The fact that I can now fire up both engines and see nearly 200 amps flowing to the LifePO4 batteries is just awesome. The ability to control the alternators to such a granular level is so far above anything else I can find on the market. The Ws500 and it’s feature in control, for my installation, has allowed me to solve the last hurdle I had with my LifePO4 installation. Great product and awesome support.

  2. Steve Mitchell

    I absolutely love my WS-500’s. I have been using them for 8 months and they have been flawless. I have two of them, paired with two XT-175 Balmar alternators on two main engines. Both are setup to charge the same house bank, and the features that the WS-500 has make that efficient and safe. The dual regulator configuration is simple, and the idle throttling is amazing even on large engines. You can read my full review at https://seabits.com/wakespeed-ws-500-regulator-review/

  3. Daniel Carlson (verified owner)

    I installed the WS500 on my Amel SuperMaramu to control the 24v alternator charging the 300 AH LiFePO4 house bank. The pre-programmed Li profile has a dip switch that allows you to limit the alternator to 75% output. And even better is the switch you can add that immediately switches the charge to 26.72v “float”. This still charges the battery bank up to about 80% in a few hours without the initial heavy load on the alternator, but gives great peace of mind when you may be motoring for longer periods. The support from Rick has been great and appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Fred Sochat (verified owner)

    We installed the WS500 over a Leece Neville 175A/24V alternator using the insights and setup provided by Rick. It works just fine and is by far the best choice for securing the alternator for a big LiFePO4 bank, mainly if supplied by Off-grid Software Solutions and Rick. Thank you

    Just a small issue with harness which had to be fixed because of faulty pins connection. Quality management from the manufacturer isn’t at the level offered by Rick and the OGSS team.
    Thank you Rick !
    Highly recommended

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