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WS500-RBD Replacement circuit board


WS500 Replacement circuit board. Board only.

Available on backorder | Expected before end of month

WS500 Replacement circuit board. Board only.


Note:  This is a return/repair item and is not for sale as a standalone product.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 10 cm

Shipping notes for Canadian customers

This product ships direct from the Manufacturer in WA, USA. HST will not be included in this order but will be charged by USPS/Canada Post upon delivery.

Some information from Google, for reference only:

USPS Canada-specific rules: https://pe.usps.com/text/imm/ce_003.ht

NOTE on Brokerage Fees (there are none): Because USPS & CanadaPost have long standing agreements to handle each other’s mail, brokers’ fees are NEVER charged. EXPENSIVE BROKERS FEES MUST be CHARGED BY MOST OTHER COURIER/SHIPPING SERVICES. BUT NOT USPS or CANADA POST! 🙂


There are only two standard USPS customs forms for Canada-bound packages: 1. First Class Mail (4×3 green sticker: PS Form 2976) and 2. Priority Mail (6.5×8 white form & sleeve: PS Form 2976-A & 2976-E – the clear holding sleeve). NOTE: USPS provides printable online customs forms and shipping labels.

Filling Out Customs Forms: All customs forms require: 1. CONTENTS (item(s) description): the eBay item (for example, ‘Used Coat’), and 2. VALUE: always the eBay Winning Bid. 3. The Priority Mail and online forms require the addition of both parties’ names, addresses and buyer’s (‘importer’s’) phone number or e-mail.

IMPORTANT info on PACKAGE ID: Always include full names and addresses (with street) and fill out the customs form, or packages may be delayed. Canada Customs (as does US Customs) has the authority to open boxes and they MAY, if an item is not properly identified, or improperly marked as ‘gift.’ Then they will tax the item at what they think it’s worth (plus handling). Customs isn’t always fooled by packages marked ‘gift’! 🙂


1. TAXES (the most common fee): Canada Customs ONLY assesses taxes (GST or HST) on goods valued at $20 CAD (about $18-22 USD) or more. Taxes are generally about 5-15% (depending on the provincial destination). An $8.50 ‘handling’ fee is also added when an item is taxed. When taxes are charged, Customs sticks a taxes-owing form on the box and the box is held by the Post Office as a COD. Recipient pays the tax/handling when the package is retrieved.

NOTE: Customs cannot check every box, so frequently items valued at more than $20 CAD do get through with no charge — it’s a ‘hit-or-miss’ situation. Likewise, if taxes are over-charged due to a missing customs form or a seller over-value, recipients can send in to Canada Customs proof-of-payment (our invoice and PayPal/money order receipt), along with the customs tax form stuck to the box (make a copy first) to get a refund.

Other FEES:

When using USPS/Canada Post the buyer should NEVER get a ‘surprise’ brokerage fee. Brokers are used by other shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, etc.) to import and deliver items. Brokerage fees can cost as much as the entire item and shipping fees!! But USPS/CanadaPost have agreements with each other to handle each other’s mail, so NO BROKERAGE FEES are EVER charged with USPS (or CanadaPost) services!

CANADA CUSTOMS (CBSA) info site: https://cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/menu-eng.html

NOTE on WAIT TIMES & Tracking: Unfortunately some packages can take 2-plus weeks to get to Canada from the US because they can get held up in the customs bottleneck (especially crossing through Detroit/Windsor). Please allow 2-3 weeks for most packages. (Note: Most ‘missing’ packages get returned to sender – which can add a couple of weeks.) Unfortunately, customs cannot / does not track packages; only packages with USPS tracking can be tracked. Canada customs (CBSA) mail site: https://www.cbsa.gc.ca/import/postal-postale/duty-droits-eng.html


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