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REC-Precharge Module V3.0


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High input capacitance systems such as inverters, dc-dc converters, etc. can be exposed to large in-rush currents during the initial power up procedure. If appropriate measures are not employed, these currents can overly stress or even damage the system components. The pre-charge unit eliminates high in-rush currents by charging the input capacitor before the main contactor switches on, prolonging lifespan of the contactor and other components dramatically.

• robust and small design
• low power consumption @ 11-80 V DC
• 1/2/4/8 s DIP switch delay settings
• up to 120 V, 4.0 A pre-charge
• integrated 15 and 30 Ω power resistor + 10 Ω NTC
• 6.0 A top side coil drive with over-current protection
• single pole or bi-stable latching contactor drive
• reverse polarity protection
• over-voltage protection
• one-year warranty

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 7 × 15 × 7 cm


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