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Smart Energy Management for Marine and Off Grid


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3kW DC-DC Energy Management System


• Charge higher voltage batteries utilizing existing chassis electrical system.
• On demand supplemental chassis electrical system power to support surge loads without
cost of additional batteries.
• Replace existing chassis alternator with higher energy unit and transparently support legacy
chassis power bus.
• J1939/RV-C based CAN support for system and BMS integration.
• Compatible with additional WS500 controlled alternators installed in same system

Available on backorder | Expected before end of month

Note:  This product is only available to North American customers.

(orders placed outside of this area will be refunded in full, LESS credit card processing costs) !!

High Energy systems combine the benefits of lower cost, faster charging, and more real-world power availability that up until now has been difficult to integrate into existing marine and mobile systems.  Wakespeed’s new WS3000 delivers a powerful solution for managing high-energy, multi-voltage systems. By combining an ultra-efficient bi-directional 3kW buck/boost DC-DC converter with the proven intelligence and CAN enabled connectivity of the WS500 circuitry the WS3000 makes it possible to seamlessly transfer up to 3,000 watts from alternator to batteries, or from battery to battery to confidently handle multiple voltage loads.Like the WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator, the WS3000 Energy Management System enables users to communicate with J1939/RV-C-based CAN-enabled BMS systems, along with legacy-based control for non-CAN-enabled LiFeP04 battery banks.
The WS3000 provides support for 12V/24V, 12V/48V, and 24V/48V mixed voltage systems, and can be used to control an externally regulated, high-output alternator.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 cm


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