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REC Displays and WiFi

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  • REC Wi-Fi module


    The REC BMS Wi-Fi module allows you to control and monitor your BMS on your favourite browser using a Wi-Fi network in either a STA(Station) or AP(Access Point) configuration. Battery pack parameters such as voltages, current, temperatures, state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) are displayed. It allows BMS settings and parameters setup, also used for BMS firmware updates. It fully replaces the PC Software BMS Master Control or BLE module. It also includes the wiring harness to connect an LCD touch display that can be used at the same time.

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  • REC PC Software


    Windows-based Master control software includes RS485 programming cable. For REC Active, SI and Q BMS controllers.

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  • REC LCD Touchscreen


    NOTE:  As of July 2022 REC can not source some of the components for this device, and we do not have any current delivery dates available.

    2.8” Color LCD touch display with communication/power cable for REC Active and Q BMS units

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  • REC Bluetooth Module


    Connects to REC Active and Q BMS units via RS485 cable. Enables access to free REC smartphone apps

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