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REC BMS Controllers

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  • REC Active BMS

    From: $389.95 $369.95

    Active BMS for 12V Systems. WS500 compatible. Includes wiring harness with cell &
    relay wires, CAN and RS485 cables, temp. sensor wires (2), and remote ON/OFF switch.


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  • REC Q Series BMS 16S

    From: $559.95 $535.95

    Stand-alone unit REC BMS R and Q series with integrated CAN communication protocol can manage from 4 to 16 cells (in series). It is also compatible with Victron Cerbo installations for integration in PV systems.

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    From: $649.90 $620.72

    The REC SI BMS has custom profiles that integrate on the RS485 network to several well known Solar Inverters.

    These include:

    • Sunny Island
    • Victron
    • Studer
    • Solax
    • GoodWe

    During the day PV powers the house and charges the battery pack. If you’re not using all the electricity that the solar PV system is generating, then the system will ensure that any surplus energy is used to charge the battery pack. Once the battery is fully charged, if there is still more solar electricity being generated, this will be exported to the grid. At time of low solar generation (night or cloudy day) the solar PV panels have a reduced or zero output, but the battery system can discharge the stored electricity, providing you with renewable-generated electricity at no additional cost. Once the battery is discharged, if you need to use more electricity, you buy it from your electricity supplier.

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