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Order Consolidation

How it works

When overseas it is very expensive to have to bring in items one at a time. You end up paying more for shipping, have more boxes to worry about and can even be charged import and brokerage fees for each box.

We are here to help. On all customer orders of more than $ 500 US, at your request we will include up to three (3) additional shipments from other vendors with your order, and put them all in one box, create a single Commercial Invoice and ship it out for you at our special shipping rate.

Step 1:

Contact us with an overview of your pending orders and we will send you our “Ship to” information

Step 2:

Make up to three (3) other purchases for items from Amazon/West Marine/etc weighing less than 75 pounds total and have them shipped to our receiving department.

(Size of additional packages is limited to 24x24x24 and 75 lbs)

Step 3:

Send us a copy of your invoices and we will prepare a consolidated “Commercial Invoice” for your customs agent.

Step 4:

When all packages arrive at our warehouse and are ready for shipment we will contact you with consolidated shipping options. You select the method you prefer, pay for any additional shipping fee (over what your Off Grid original order was, if any)

Step 5:

We then process your consolidated shipment and send you a copy of the Commercial Invoice and tracking information. We will box your items into a single box where possible, tape it and have it picked up by the courier.

This means fewer boxes, fewer customs charges and reduced shipping charges!

And how much does it cost?

For a limited time this service is completely free, other than the additional cost of shipping and packing for the extra items. And it may save you hundreds of dollars. Why are we doing this? We know how frustrating and costly it can be having to bring goods into many countries, and we are hoping this might help you save a few bucks.