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  • REC Active BMS

    From: $329.95

    Active BMS for 12V Systems. WS500 compatible. Be sure to include the custom wiring harness with cell &
    relay wires, CAN and RS485 cables, temp. sensor wires (2), and remote ON/OFF switch, unless you are just replacing a unit or doing a custom installation.


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  • Voyage Recorder YDVR-04


    Never forget exciting moments of your voyages, have proof of strong winds and great storms, accumulate data for future voyages and analyze your races, generate logbooks and diagnose problems. The Recorder is intended for storing data from the onboard network of the vessel on a MicroSD memory card. The software that comes with the Recorder is installed on a desktop computer and allows GPX and CSV files to be generated with the vessel’s track and extensive information about the sailing conditions, including weather, depth, engine, and even tracks of nearby vessels with AIS. GPX files can be viewed in Google Earth, Garmin MapSource and other cartographic applications. CSV files may be opened in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc to visualize data using charts and build the graphic reports.

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